I like expressing myself but I suck at talking. I discovered my failure at speaking when I recently argued with my sister about something and there were so many things that I wanted to say but could not find the right words. I wanted to blurt it all out but the reality managed to banish my imagination. I knew by speaking it all out, it will never turn out to be the way I imagined for the conversation to go because life is not a movie, it’s life. That is exactly when I made peace with the fact that I can’t talk as well as I can write. Words always fail to flow out of my mouth but they never fail to flow from the unstoppable duo of my hand and pen.

Writing for me is a byproduct of reading. I started reading [literature] when I was 17. Reading was the one thing I hated the most because my parents never introduced me to stories. They only wanted me to study and study and study which I hated too. It was a very close friend who told me a beautiful story and that compelled me to buy the book and I did. Since then reading has become my lifeline. And all that reading led me to want to write. Write about my thoughts on the things I read, about how I connect with what I read, about how apt or unapt the topic I read is, etc.

After a lot of reading and writing, I realized that writing is my calling because it came to me naturally and it brought the best out of me. But this realization did not fend well for me. Because I always thought that I am not as great as other writers out there and still sometimes do. This thinking got me rethinking my career choices, my blog and book plan. But you see, every human needs a little push. I am blessed to have friends who appreciated my work and pushed me into continuing and my family for giving me a chance to try and explore. So here I am, a full-time writer, following my dreams in the city of dreams, trying and thriving to make a difference one word at a time.

This blog has come to life after a lot of procrastination and self-demotivation. In the last 10 years I have considered many career options but I always kept coming home to writing because that is my solace and my not so comforting comfort zone. My main motive of this blog is to express myself in as many genres and forms as possible. I don’t like sticking to just one thing. I am fond of all genres in reading and movies, I am fond of all food styles and I am fond of all kinds of places to travel. I believe that everything has something to say and I want to be able to hear it and say it on behalf of them. Thus, in this blog, there will be poems, psychological and philosophical articles, movie and book reviews, short stories from various genres etc.

Along with writing and putting myself out there, my motive is also to get people to read. Because I believe that reading is the best thing that can ever happen to any human. J.K. Rowling says it oh, so correctly that if one doesn’t like reading, they haven’t found the right book yet. I would like to be that person who introduces people to reading through my blog and through my reviews about the books I read. I would like to be the person who changes people’s perspective on life and life, the way reading did to me.

I really hope to entertain, inspire and motivate you all through my write ups. I am brand new in the full time writing biz, so I do hope you all bear with me, especially if any delay occurs. But most importantly I would love to hear your thoughts, so I welcome you to connect with me via comments or you can email me at aurora.elah@gmail.com.

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This is the account which consists short posts. Short tales aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but I am exploring that with full force.


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