About Blog:

Many SomeThings is that blog, that I wanted to create a long time ago. But with procrastination and laziness as my best friend’s, it’s creation failed at the said time. Demotivation also hovered like a shadow. I would often put down myself thinking, “I am not as great as the bloggers out there.”

But, after a lot of thinking and backing from some closed ones, I came to the decision of starting it. Because I am new to writing, still exploring it, I haven’t yet discovered my forte genre. So, I decided to launch my blog with its theme as “Everything at once”. Yes, the theme occurred to me from Lenka’s song, that was also used to introduce Windows 8 – Everything at once. Just as Lenka portrays, she wants to be everything, I am the same. I don’t like sticking to one thing. Just as I have been into various jobs, hobbies, food preferences etc., I decided to write everything under all genres. From drama, thriller, romance, fantasy to poems, articles, travel logs, or reviews.


About Name:

One thing about me that makes my friends go mad is my obsession with names. I love unique, royal and legendary names that remain with people – remain with me. When I initially decided to start the blog, about a year ago, I wanted to name it “Everything at once”, matching it with the theme. However, the domain everythingatonce.com wasn’t available. Then I fiddled with names that synced with the theme and some of them were available but they dint connect with me, and some that I liked, weren’t available. Finally, I came up with “All I Write.”

But just as you read a few lines ago, I cannot stick with one thing for long. I lost interest in the name “All I Write.” This – losing of interest – happened the same time as writer’s block; which hit me super hard. So, hard that I also lost interest in becoming a writer. But after a while, I pulled myself together, started writing and rekindled the dream too. The writer’s block was very annoying and hence I did not feel the connect with “All I Write” too. Then came “Many SomeThings” in my mind and that made a lot sense than all the other names.


About me:

I am Aurora (pen-name), and I am 24 years old. Currently jobless, hence investing not just time but all my mind and brains on writing and blogging. I hope and believe that you’ll like the write-ups I post. I post every day, so do sign up unless you can manage to remember visiting my blog every day.


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Instagram: many.somethings

This is the account which will only contain short posts. As you all may have understood by now, short tales aren’t my thing. But what’s the harm in exploring and trying, right?