Fantasy & Reality – Part 1

I believe everybody day dreams. Whether it is a teen who is madly in love with her boyfriend or whether it is a 40-year-old CEO thinking of launching a new product. We all daydream of a life that is not very different from the reality. In fact, the base of this dream is the reality itself. And because it is a dream, you can maneuver it and drive it as and however you want to.

I was in a coffee shop when I was writing this post. I was staring at the blank paper with its title “Fantasy and Reality”. There was a young couple next to me and I asked them, ‘what is the difference between fantasy and reality?’ The girl answered that fantasy cannot be reality and vice versa. I thought about it for a little while and could not deny what she said. Reality is too cruel, too true to be anywhere near fantasy. I think fantasy is something you wish could be reality. It is that world, which is made up of your whims and fancies, either where everything is jolly, happy with no presence of fear or sorrow; Or there is a lot of bad, lot of evil and you are the hero.

Per Dr. Seuss, ‘Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in Living. It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope.’ It took me a while to come in terms with Dr. Seuss’ saying. After a lot of brain racking, I agreed with this quote. It is true, reality is absolute, it is crystal clear. Like the stars we see from the narrow end of the telescope. The right end. Fantasies on the other hand are vague and unclear. Too fuzzy. Everything is narrow and blur. That is exactly how my fantasies are. No base but a lot of if’s and but’s in my mind.

No life is fair. Everyone have their share of trials and troubles. Because they only show a princess’ life till she meets her Charming and marries him. But how do we know if they are happily married, if Charming continues to be rich and princely or if they are on a verge of divorce because Charming or the Princess cheated. We don’t. Because it’s not real. However, there is absolutely no harm in dreaming. I believe that Fantasies give us some sort weird of strength to face the brutal reality. If you are a hero in your fantasy and are showing a lot of courage and boldness in your fantasy life, unknowingly you will have the strength to showcase the same courage and boldness in your real life. You may not even understand where that even came from.

Fantasies give me hope that things can be better and it gives me a new outlook on my very much real reality. So, I would say go, dream on. Because no fantasy is ever different than reality. But be sure to keep your mind open. As your subconscious may give you a hint to change your life a bit.

Stay tuned for part 2 😉

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