Recreant Without Friends

All my life I was told,
Family prevails, rest falls short.
Parents, elders were,
Hell bent on making me
Keep my friends at bay.

How does anyone ever maintain,
Distances from gems.
They shine and shine bright,
Not just in their lives but in
Dusks around you.

The ones that were supposed to last,
Left slowly and steadily
Unsure whether in peace or not,
But by putting me in an agony of holocaust.

My beloved company tried,
Making me comfortable and easing my heart.
But I sure did want
To mourn alone.

Devastated at the word, they pursued.
Horror struck them as they thought,
I would harm if left unattended.
Like I said, they were the stereotype breakers.

But solitude I seeked.
As I believed they would leave too,
One day like my blood.
And then what would I be,
If they ceased to exist

Thus, I embraced my aloofness,
Banned them away, even though the attempts flailed.

Sometimes you do need desert yourself,
Test your survival without the light,
To see whether the elders were right.
To see a man exist,
Without the thing called “friend”

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