The Meet

I was sitting alone in the park, waiting.
It was almost spring,
But the evening air was cool and playful

It’s been long since we met.
Don’t know why, but I can feel,
The butterflies flying haywire in my stomach
Nervousness is what they call it.

Meeting an old pal would be exciting,
But how would one define,
The feeling of meeting an old crush.

Not that looks and money mattered,
Not that status or position would make any difference,
Nor would your past affect this beautiful present

The only thought I had,
Would you be the same person I knew ages ago
If not, I wondered, was it for better or worse?

Not that I wouldn’t want to know,
But that I haven’t been part of that change.

Don’t worry dear one, because I won’t judge.
For I understand, change is evident
And life is certainly monotonous without it.

Amidst these thoughts, I saw you walking towards me.
Oh my my! You haven’t really changed much,
But I will discover that later.

Oh! how the awkwardness creeps in,
About whether this is formal or informal.
But you surprised me with a hug
Which told me you haven’t changed at all.

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