Help me

There is a thirst in me that no drink or water can quench.
There is a hunger in me that no food can satisfy.
There is a desire in me that no feeling can fulfill.
There is a dream in me which no plan can lead.

Am I going mad or has the world gone crazy?
Feelings and emotions are at its peak
But all I want is numbness.

Is it me or are these just thoughts?
Why running away always seem great?
Starting fresh is what most want to do.
And putting behind the past seems impossible.

Is there any way you can help?
All I want is to be someone,
Someone who is hidden deep within my soul

Can you help me find out who I want to be?
Out of love, out of care, out of the kindness of your heart,
Would you help me start afresh?

All I want is to hold your hand till the horizon.
All I want is your love till my last breath.
All I want is you to enkindle me from my dying ardor.
All I want is for you to help me, revive from my own ashes.

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