Inspiration behind this blog.

Katy Perry once said, “I never want to be just one thing. I want to be multidimensional.” I read this quote, it struck a chord. This was the day I accepted my identity as multidimensional. This quote led me to think that I like anything and everything. For me it’s difficult to stick to just one thing. I like all the genres in books, movies, music even food. I like all the seasons, weathers, mood, ambiance, etc.

In my career, so far, I have been into vague things. I did my bachelors in arts, yet worked with Microsoft (technical stuff) even though my passion is reading and writing. I sing sometimes which my boyfriend likes and dance is my forte too. So, I decided to apply the same versatility in my writing. I listed out a few main ideas that I could write about and they turned out to be quite unique. And you will notice this uniqueness in my blog.

Many SomeThings will consist of all sorts of write-ups and articles. You will find poetry, drama, thriller, fantasy and little pieces of my heart pertaining to psychology and sociology, philosophy. I fell in love with reading quite late and I know there are people out there who think they can do more productive work – two of my best friends being amidst the non-readers. But I do believe that there are some people who will find their love for reading sooner or later – I hope for sooner. Like J.K. Rowling says, “If you don’t like reading, you probably haven’t found the right book!” Ever since I started reading, a knack for writing birthed in me. So, I decided to write for people’s entertainment. For leisure as well. You may find some content filled with life lessons but be rest assured not all of it. I read to relax and calm my untamed mind and I believe you all would want the same.

I hope the variety in my blog posts may entertain/relax you. If there is any topic you would like me to cover, shoot in the comments and I will try to come up with something as soon as possible. (I am all in for exploring my talent.)

Thank you for reading!


My favorite quotes related to this introduction:

I never want to be just one thing. I want to be multidimensional. – Katy Perry.

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book. – J.K. Rowling

For fun:

If there’s any real truth, it’s that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs. – Douglas Adams.

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